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Briggs & Stratton
The beginning of the short  but incredibly important  craze for Motor Wheels and related products can be traced to a trip to England by  American businessman Arthur Godford in or about 1912. There he saw the Wall Auto Wheel on display and in use and quickly realized the potential for this product in America. He secured a license for the product and announced plans to manufacture them in Ohio by late 1913.

A.O. Smith Corporation purchased the license for the Wall Auto Wheel from Garford in 1914 and made improvements to the design resulting in the Smith Motor Wheel model A. In 1915-16 they would produce variations called the model B and BA followed by the model C in 1917. In 1916 they would attach the motor to a 2-seat buckboard and call it the Smith Flyer.  

In 1919 they sold the entire product line to Briggs & Stratton Corporation.
Briggs & Stratton again made improvements  to the design and designated the motor wheel as model D. In 1920 Briggs would introduce a scooter using the motor wheel and called it the model SD while at the same time they designated the Briggs & Stratton Flyer as the model J.  Production of the scooters and Flyers would end by 1924 but the motor wheel supply lasted until at least the end of 1925.

In or before 1925 Briggs sold the model J buckboard and all remaining motor wheels to Automotive Electric Services of New York who changed the name to Auto Red Bug.
I have been a collector of these motors and Fyers and an avid student of the history. I'm willing to help others who own these as much as I am able. I do have the capacity to reproduce some parts and do limited amounts of restoration work at my shop. Please email me for more information or to just talk about these unique artifacts.