The history of the Auto Red Bug is cloudy to say the least. Despite 2 years of research on my part I have found little on the company(s) or its history.

I can tell you the following - It appears the Auto Red Bug was manufactured in five different formats:
1) A gas powered buckboard nothing more than a Briggs & Stratton model J with the Briggs name removed.
2) An electric powered buckboard with six slats essentially the gas powered vehicle with the gas motor removed and replaced by a Northeast Electric Motors starter generator motor.
3) A smaller six slat electric car called the Red Bug Junior.
4) A ten slat buckboard with electric power that was more user friendly for adults.
5) A ten slat buckboard that was intended for use as an amusement park ride.

In addition to five different formats of vehicle there were also at least two different corporate names listed as manufacturers: Automotive Electric Services of New York and Automotive Standards of New Jersey.  Another company, Majestic Engineering and Manufacturing in New York has also been associated but it is not clear how they fit into the history of the product.

I'm actively researching the history of the Auto Red Bug and the companies that manufactured them. Any information you may have I would be interested in learning about.